Ninija Inc. is an African multi technology company based in Nigeria, which focuses on Engineering, Procurement(e-commerce), Construction and commissioning. It focuses on technology industry, with a history of excellence stretching back more than 13 years in field of Engineering, Ninija’s success is driven by talented employees in various categories of our business, who examine the genuineness of a product to avoid counterfeit before the product will be accepted to be placed for buyers

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Ninija business areas

Ninija’s operations are organized into nine global business areas, which in turn are made up of 1126 divisions, making Ninija the earth largest selection of Tech industrial materials.

Ninija’s strategy

The vision of Ninija business: “Relentlessly focus on customer experience by offering our customers low prices, convenience, and a wide selection of merchandise. Shaping a lead focused in digital industries.

Ninija’s values

Integrity is core to who we are. At Ninija, “we are committed to fostering a culture where integrity is woven into the fabric of everything we do”


More than a 13 years in electrical sector pioneering innovation at the cutting edge of technology.

Technology and innovation

Ninija delivers end-to-end value by driving advances across a large spectrum of industrial technologies, providing access wide range of product accessible from the comfort of your home.


Ninija is committed to sustainable value creation. We have created avenue that stimulate economic growth and improve people’s lives. Today, we remain focused on delivering leading- edge products, services and solutions for our customers and are working to further enhance the eco-efficiency of these offerings to support the fight against counterfeit product.

Corporate governance

Ninija ‘s key principles and rules on corporate governance. Learn more

Contact centers

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