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  • 100W/18V Solar Power System

    • solar panel: 100W/18V
    • battery: 12V/100AH
    • controller: 12V/15A
    • inverter: 12V/300W sine wave
    • Multiple AC and DC output interface to achieve multiple purposes: 1*20V DC, 1*12V DC, 1* 9V DC, 1*3.3V DC, 4*5V USB, 2* 220V AC.
    • Electricity generated per day: Approximately 0.3KWH in sunny weather.
    • Electricity consumed per day: Maximum power consumption 0.95 KWH.
    • Total power consumption of loads should not exceed 200W per hour *AC Adapter : Input AC100-240V,output DC16V/3-4A, by option.

    100W/18V Solar Power System

  • 150LPD Solar Water Heater

    We supply and install solar powered water heater in any city in Nigeria. So if you are looking for where to buy Hansa solar water heater in Nigeria, we are here to both supply, install, and maintain. We also offer the best price of solar water heater you can get anywhere in Nigeria.

    Solar power doesn’t just have to generate electricity. You can also use the power of the sun to heat your home. Solar water heating (SWH) is the conversion of sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar thermal collector. Solar water heaters use the sun to heat a reserve of water, which can then be pumped through your radiators or out your faucets or shower heads. They come in a wide variety of designs, all including a collector and storage tank, and all using the sun’s thermal energy .Environmentally-friendly water supply. A reliable water pumping solution.

    This system is much cheaper than using gas or electricity to heat your water, and is easier to install than solar panels. If you’re not willing to completely commit to powering your entire home with renewable energy, solar water heating can be a good alternative

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  • 150W/36V Solar Power System

    • Item: solar panel: 150W/36V *2
      battery: 12V/100AH *4
      controller: 24V/15A
    • inverter: 24V/600W sine wave
    • Multiple AC and DC output interface to achieve multiple purposes: 1*24V
    • DC,1*20V DC, 1*12V DC, 2*5V USB, 3* 220V AC..
    • Electricity generated per day: Approximately 0.9KWH in sunny weather.
    • Electricity consumed per day: Maximum power consumption 3.6 KWH.
    • Total power consumption of loads should not exceed 480W per hour AC Adapter : Input AC100-240V,output DC28V/8A, by option.

    •We help you save energy and cut down on your electricity bill
    •We help you generate solar energy — the most clean, green and cost-effective solution
    •We offer innovative and cost-effective power backup solutions
    •We protect your home and your business with uninterrupted, ultra-pure power, 24X7
    •We assure you peace of mind with high quality and innovative products
    •We provide reliable support and services round the clock



  • 200W/36V Solar System

    • solar panel: 200W/36V
    • battery: 12V/100AH *2
    • controller: 24V/10A
      inverter: 24V/500W sine wave
    • Multiple AC and DC output interface to achieve multiple purposes: 1*24V DC,1*20V DC, 2*12V DC, 1* 9V DC, 2*5V USB, 3* 220V AC.
    • Electricity generated per day: Approximately 0.6KWH in sunny weather. * Electricity consumed per day: Maximum power consumption 1.8 KWH.
    • Total power consumption of loads should not exceed 400W per hour *AC Adapter : Input AC100-240V,output DC28V/8A, by option.

    200W/36V Solar System

  • Grundfos Solar Submersible Pump SQFlex N1-8


    … when Mother Nature needs a hand

    Innovative technology and nature hand in hand
    The very existence of people, livestock, and crops depend largely on a plentiful supply of clean water. The innovative, state-of-the-art SQFlex lends nature a helping hand by providing both water and the power needed to fuel the pump system in remote areas where water is scarce and the power supply nonexistent or unreliable.

    Powered by renewable energy sources
    With SQFlex it’s basically 100% nature – just add water. SQFlex solar panels or wind turbines, or a combination of both, adapt to the characteristic weather profile of any given area. A generator or battery backup system can take over when the natural energy sources are scarce, and accumulate energy when they are plentiful.

    Complete system ready to go
    SQFlex is more than just a pump – it’s a complete system. Tell us where you are located, your water table depth and estimated water needs, and we can tailor the system so it matches your application and local conditions perfectly. SQFlex is delivered as a plug-and-go solution complete with SQF submersible pump, controller, energy source, and support structure. What’s more, it’s exceptionally easy to install, operate and maintain.

    With SQFlex, there’s water whenever and wherever you need it. It’s as simple as that!

    SQF submersible pump
    IO 50 SQFlex switch box

    Energy supply: – solar panels – wind turbine – generator – grid power (PHCN) – batteries – inverters

    Installing the SQFlex Solar requires no special tools as the solar modules plug straight into the system. The SQFlex Solar can be run economically and remains virtually maintenance-free. SQFlex pumps have built-in protection features that protect the pump itself and in many cases the well.

    Protection against dry-running, overloading and overheating
    Automatic restart when Water returns to the well or when the motor temperature returns to the safety range
    Continuous load condition and voltage monitoring
    30-300 VDC and 90-240 VAC, can be used to run the pump. They can operate on a series string of PV modules with a total peak power voltage over 30 volts, but the pumps efficiency will be much higher at voltages over 100 VDC. SQFlex 3 and 6 pumps will fit into a 3″ well.

    Optional Controls

    The CU200 interface box communicates with the pump and monitors operating conditions. Built-in diagnostics indicate faults and dry-running, display operating status, power consumption and water level switch input. The water level switch interfaces with the CU200 control to turn off the pump when a tank is full.

    The IO100 is a simple control box with cable terminations and a manual on/off switch. It is a great interface between a solar array and the pump to allow you to turn off the high voltage array when working on the pump. The IO101 is an interface for using AC backup on a solar pump. An automatic transfer switch disconnects the solar array when AC power from a generator, utility connection or inverter is present. When AC power stops, it automatically reconnects the array to let the sun continue pumping. The IO102 interface unit is used for systems powered exclusively by a wind turbine or by a combination of wind and PV. You can use several controls if you need more features than one control can provide.

  • Quanta 200Ah / 12V High Performance SMF Battery

    Amaron Quanta battery is made with unique AGM technology. AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. in AGM battery design, the electrolyte in the battery cell is locked in a fiberglass mat between the plates. This valve-regulated lead-acid technology is of low maintenance because it never needs watering. It is consequently spill-proof (usually referred to as dry-cell), giving the flexibility to install it is any required position.

  • Schneider Electric Conext System Control Panel (SCP)

    The ConextTM System Control Panel (SCP) eliminates the need for separate control panels for each device and gives a single point of control to set up and monitor the entire Conext inverter charger system, including Conext MPPT Solar Charge Controllers. Featuring a graphical backlit liquid crystal display, the SCP selectively displays configuration, status and diagnostic information for all devices connected to the XanbusTM network.

  • SLL-12N1 Solar Landscape Light

    Solar landscape light
    1. Remote control 36 types lighting modes for senson changes or different installation area
    2. Sresky Invention patent ALS2.0 technology support all night lighting even in cloudy days 3. Sresky Advanced TCS technology for battery safety protection in high temperature
    4.360 degree layout LED lens for wider light ing area

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  • Solar Charge Controller-12V/24V 60A PWM TK60D


    • Data such as voltage, current, and state of
    • charge can also be displayed digitally as figures on the display.
    • Comes with Temperature sensor for smarter battery charging
    • Aluminum framing for efficient cooling and neat installation
    • The large surface area of connection
  • Solar Panel 160W

    Different Technologies are coming up to reduced environmental hazards arising from power generation effluents/wastes that have greenhouse effects. An example of such technologies is the solar technology. To this end, we have introduced Electronics powered by solar that is the most advanced and sophisticated in the industry to date.


    Solar Panel 160W


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