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    Kitchen Gas-Leak Detector

    Sold By: Close Guard

    Early detection always makes a difference life saving and disaster.!

    This device will help you avoid domestic fire due to cooking gas leak by notifying you with an alert when there is even an insignificant level of gas leak in your kitchen or other cooking areas.

    Highlights =============
    – High reliability sensor. Intelligent detect various combustible airs.
    – This air leak detector is wall mounted air detector with high stability.
    – Suitable for the safety of residential house, villas, hotels, markets, boarding house etc.
    – Audible / Visual alarm

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    GSM Intruder & Burglary Alarm

    Sold By: Close Guard

    [h3]Main Features [/h3]
    – 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GSM Frequency for global use.
    – Support 2 wired defense zones, 99 wireless zones, and 8 remote controllers.
    – Can set 6 groups of alarming phone numbers,It will call the preset phone numbers automatically to notify the alarm information
    – Can set 3 groups of SMS phone numbers.
    – Built-in clock and clear LCD screen
    – Voice Prompt for all the operations.
    – Wireless learning coding. Fast and easy to add the new accessories.
    – 3 groups of timing arm and disarm
    – Remotely monitor and control the system
    – Very loud alarm
    – Mult-zone intelligent defense system
    – Door, window and hall-way defense
    – Call/SMS feature on alarm trigger
    – Motion detectors included
    – SOS feature
    – Free SIM card

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    GPS Car Tracker/Anti-Theft

    Sold By: Close Guard

    CG-05 GPS Tracker is designed for just about any thing that runs on Engine Power, including Cars, Trucks, ATVs, Trains, Helicopters, Planes and Bikes.

    This device compact design makes it easy to install in hidden locations, making it extremely hard to locate.

    The in-built backup battery means the device will continue to function, even when power is cut off the vehicle.

    CG05 is suitable for general purpose car tracking, anti-theft and fleet management… thanks to its full load of handy features.

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    GSM Smart Smoke Detector

    Sold By: Close Guard

    * GSM/GPRS Enabled
    * SIM Card Support
    * Voice Prompts and Voice Alarm Function
    * Remote Control via SMS
    * Set upto 5 Alarm contact phone numbers
    * Dual sensor
    * Low battery warning
    * Low standby current,
    * Auto reset,ASIC adopted
    * Anti-light,
    * Moth-proof,
    * Strong adaptability for circumstance
    * SMT design,
    * High stability

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    Automatic Photo-controlled Switch

    Sold By: Close Guard

    Cut you energy cost down by over 40% with this small but mighty automatic light control witch.

    Our Photo-controlled light switch detects presence of Sun light to automatically turn on your light or any other connected appliance at night (dark hours of the days) and automatically turn it off in the day time (when there is sun light), thereby giving you a smart home control experience

    Our Automatic Photo-controlled switch can be used to control Home Lights, Street-lights, Home appliances and just about any electric device.

    The switch can be used both Indoors and Outdoors

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    Automatic Sliding Gate Opener

    Sold By: Close Guard

    – Operate with gates that weigh up to 800Kg.
    – Up to 25 remote controls
    – Control from your smart phone
    – Compatible with gates up to 40 ft. in length (includes 20 ft. of chain).
    – Support Control via SMS (Optional)
    – Working range up to 100 ft.
    – Operates with very low noise.
    – You can use the key to manually open the gate
    – Supports keypad for password control (optional)

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    Automatic Cylinder For Door Locks

    Sold By: Close Guard

    – SIMPLE TO USE – Program the keyless door locks with a master code, a standard entry code, and up to 8 user specific codes.
    – EASY TO INSTALL – Replaces most standard Nigeria. front door locks, installs in minutes, and fits both left and right hinged doors.
    – SAFE AUTOMATIC LOCKING -3 seconds after being opened, the electronic door lock will automatically lock behind you.
    – SMART BATTERY BACKUP -The digital lock cylinder is equipped with a backup battery port in the event that your batteries run out.
    – DURABLE – This keyless entry lock is built with weather proofed stainless steel and designed to withstand the elements.

    With our door lock, you can program up to 10 password including 1 master code, 1 standard entry code, and up to 8 personalized user keycodes.

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    WIFI 3G Home Security Alarm System

    Sold By: Close Guard

    – Up to 5 groups preset alarm phone numbers, SMS on/off and voice on/off can be set respectively.
    – Support many defense zones name such as of the gate, SOS, bedroom, window, balcony, perimeter, smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, water leaking, etc.
    – Support many defense zone types setting such as of entry/exit zone, indoor zone, perimeter zone, 24-hour zone, etc.
    – Support the main power failure, backup battery power shortage, tamper alarm and other extended alarm.
    – Support external wireless siren.
    – ARM chip embedded operating system
    – WIFI + GSM or WIFI + 3G Version Optional
    – Mobile phone APP remote control technology
    – Support configuration of IP camera
    – Support doorbell function
    – 100 zones for the learning of remotes and wireless detectors.

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    Door/Window Sensor For SS101W

    Sold By: Close Guard

    433Mhz Wireless Magnetic Door Detector Window Sensor for Wifi 3G Home Security System

    The appearance is unprecedentedly small and delicate. The antenna is built-in, which is a new design.

    The front cover can be opened to replace the battery by sliding. It works with the Wifi alarm host to detect whether the doors, windows or drawers are illegally opened or moved. Once the un-permitted opening or movement is detected, it will send out signals to the host to achieve the goal of anti-theft alarm.

    Please note that this is not a stand-alone device but can only be used as an accessory with compatible Home Security / Home Alarm systems

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    4 Channels DC Remote Control Switch

    Sold By: Close Guard

    433Mhz Universal Wireless Remote Control Switch DC12V 4CH relay Receiver Module With 4 channel RF Remote 433 Mhz Transmitter

    This device can be used to add Remote Control capability to any DC powered device such as Automatic Gate Opener, DV Lighting units and many other applications

    Please note that this product is best used as an accessory to other product such as Automatic Locks, Automatic Gate Openers, etc.

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    1 Channel GSM (SMS) Remote Control

    Sold By: Close Guard

    1. Call the GSM switch from an authorized number to power on or off
    2. Multiple applications. (Gates, bollards, barriers, garage doors, shutters and access doors or machines);
    3. Secure – Using caller ID for identification, unknown callers are ignored;
    4. Can be operated from anywhere in the world, no distance limit;
    5. Add or remove users by SMS Text command;
    6. No need to provide a remote control for different users;
    7. Up to 1000 authorized phone numbers can be configured;
    8.One output with relay rating 20A 14 VDC 20A 125VAC for connecting the switch of the door or machines;
    9. The relay action will return an SMS confirmation to the owner; this function is editable by user;
    10. Based on GSM Network, no other software is necessary to use the device.

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    Hidden Camera Light Bulb

    Sold By: Close Guard

    Main Highlights =====================
    1. 1080P: super clear and crystal image.
    2. 360-degree viewing angle,fish-eye lens
    3. Remote control: the camera can be controlled by IOS or Android APP. Watch on your house whenever and wherever possible.
    4. 30 minutes Built-in battery allows you to save the last video when power’s off.
    5. Motion detection: alarm will generate when motions are detected and real-time notification will send to your smart phone.
    6. Support loop recording.
    7. Support Micro SD card max to 64GB (not included).
    8. Easily installed (simple plug-n-play)
    9. Support IOS and Android, watch the live video together with recording and playback.
    10. Monitor indoor places such as family rooms, nurseries, garages, warehouse, office, store, etc.
    11, Great for baby care, pet care and the elderly when you are out.

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    Wall Switch With Hidden Camera

    Sold By: Close Guard

    See whats happening in your home, shop or office with our Wifi Night Vision HD Hidden Wall Switch Camera.

    This product doubles as a standard 15A 220v AC Wall Switch as well as a CCTV camera.

    The Switch fits into your standard wall light, Heater, AC or similar switches.

    The Camera will continue to record even when the switch is turned off.

    This camera currently offer remote viewing capability on connection unto 4.7Mbps

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    4G CCTV Camera With SIM Card

    Sold By: Close Guard

    1) Professional design for 4G/3G IP camera, easy assembly 4G card and TF card
    2) 3.0 megapixel HD lens + IR-CUT auto switch in day and night, 3.6mm/6mm lens, 2.8-12mm and 6-22mm auto focus lens as optional
    3) Support 3D DNR, auto white balance, auto electronic shutter, auto electronic gain, real color reproduction, high resolution image;
    4) Standard SD/TF memory card slot (support 64G card);
    5) Standard 1 X 5DB 4G antenna, one 5DB WIFI antenna;
    6) Power consumption: day 4W / night 9.8W, the whole day power consumption about 12V 13.8AH
    7) Support P2P remote check
    8) Optional function: audio jack , pan tilt rotating bracket
    9) Support ONVIF protocol, can provide the SDK

  • Sold By: Close Guard

    Wall Clock With Hidden Wifi Camera

    Sold By: Close Guard

    * Resolution: 1080p/2.0MP/200W
    * Packing size: 36*36*6cm
    * Mobile monitoring: IOS, Android(with MU CAM app)
    * Working temperature: -5 to 60°C (23 – 140°F)
    * Battery: 3500mAh
    * SD Card: Max support 64g
    * Size: 325*325*46mm

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