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  • 600×1200 Recessed Modular Fitting

    Benefits of High Frequency Fittings:
    Flicker free and silent operation.
    Instant’ starting.
    Detects failed lamps, no more flashing on and off.
    Cold starting in sub-zero temperature.
    No stroboscopic effects.
    20-30% saving in running costs.

    High Frequency Fitting:
    This recessed luminaire provides an economical high quality lighting solution, where 15mm or 24mm exposed T-bar ceilings are used.

    The CAT 2 Louvre allows very easy cleaning and maintenance. Ideal for offices, shops, schools etc.
    Features of Tri-phosphor Lamps:
    Tri-phosphor lamps drop to 96% of their original output after about 4000 hours and remain at that level compared to standard lamps which drop to 86% and then down to 74% over the rest of their life.
    Survival rate of 70% of tri-phosphor tubes after 16,000 hours, compared to 10,000 hours for standard tubes. Approximately 15% increase in light output over standard tubes.

  • 600×600 LED Panel Light

    LED Panel Light 595 X 595mm with White Trim

    Features & Benefits
    * Ideal replacement for 600 x 600mm fluorescent fittings
    * 595 x 595mm size for direct and quick retro fitting
    * Out performs traditional fluorescent
    * Even light distribution on walls and ceilings
    * Slim Profile
    * Save 50-70% on energy costs
    * Instant start, flicker free, maintenance free
    * Free from mercury and other hazardous materials
    * Long Life – 50,000 hours
    * 3 Year Warranty
    * Low heat output


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