150W/36V Solar Power System


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  • Item: solar panel: 150W/36V *2
    battery: 12V/100AH *4
    controller: 24V/15A
  • inverter: 24V/600W sine wave
  • Multiple AC and DC output interface to achieve multiple purposes: 1*24V
  • DC,1*20V DC, 1*12V DC, 2*5V USB, 3* 220V AC..
  • Electricity generated per day: Approximately 0.9KWH in sunny weather.
  • Electricity consumed per day: Maximum power consumption 3.6 KWH.
  • Total power consumption of loads should not exceed 480W per hour AC Adapter : Input AC100-240V,output DC28V/8A, by option.
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Different Technologies are coming up to reduced environmental hazards arising from power generation effluents/wastes that have greenhouse effects. An example of such technologies is the solar technology. To this end, we have introduced Electronics powered by solar that is the most advanced and sophisticated in the industry to date.

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150W/36V solar power syste

150W/36V Solar Power System


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