200W/36V Solar System


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  • solar panel: 200W/36V
  • battery: 12V/100AH *2
  • controller: 24V/10A
    inverter: 24V/500W sine wave
  • Multiple AC and DC output interface to achieve multiple purposes: 1*24V DC,1*20V DC, 2*12V DC, 1* 9V DC, 2*5V USB, 3* 220V AC.
  • Electricity generated per day: Approximately 0.6KWH in sunny weather. * Electricity consumed per day: Maximum power consumption 1.8 KWH.
  • Total power consumption of loads should not exceed 400W per hour *AC Adapter : Input AC100-240V,output DC28V/8A, by option.
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solar power system

200W/36V Solar System


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