25mm Copper Earth Tapes – per Meter


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  • Bare Copper Earthing Tapes
  • PVC Covered Copper Earthing Tapes
  • Green & Yellow PVC Copper Earthing Tapes
  • LSF Low Smoke Zero Halogen Covered Copper Earthing Tapes
  • Lead Covered Copper Earthing Tapes
  • Tinned Copper Earthing Tapes
  • Tinned Hard Drawn Copper Earth Bars
  • Hard Drawn Copper Bars



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Ninija distribute the most extensive range of Copper Earth Tapes – this includes bare copper and covered tapes in a selection of coloured oversheathing used to provide earthing protection and connect metalwork, switchgear and transformers within LV, MV & HV substation buildings and outdoor compounds.

Typically, copper earth tapes are used as HV electrodes for standard earthing arrangements on ground mounted LV MV HV substations – the earth tape functions as a perimeter electrode installed to the outer edges of the foundation in direct contact with the soil and connected to the switchgear earth bars. The earthing will provide protection to exposed and normally un-energised conductive metalwork within the substation perimeter fence including panels, kiosks, lighting towers and oil tanks.

Within substation buildings, metal trench covers are indirectly earthed typically using bare copper earth tape (25mm x 3mm) installed along one edge of the trench top edge.

Where copper tape within the site is to be buried under proposed cable routes care should be taken to ensure it is buried deep enough into the ground or protected in cable duct to avoid damage during cable installation.

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25mm Copper Earth Tapes - per Meter


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