Hybrid Post Insulators

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  • fewer single sections per insulator column, therefore fewer metal parts
  • shorter column heights while maintaining IEC 60815 requirements and fulfilling all additional electrical requirements
  • improved flashover distance
  • better pollution performance via improved Form Factor acc. to IEC 60815
  • reduced weight, better material utilization, optimized logistics
  • Decreased metal usage (fewer points of exposure to corrosion)
  • less field concentrating positions
  • improved mechanical stability, rigidity and robustness

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Hybrid insulators take the advantage of porcelain’s undisputed mechanical strength as required for post insulator applications and composite’s excellent pollution performance in extreme environmental conditions and high pollution areas like industrial, desert or coastal regions.

Hybrid insulators are the optimal technical solution for HVDC projects and highly contaminated and polluted areas: high mechanical strength, excellent pollution performance, long lifetime, minimum deflection and maintenance expenditures reduced to a minimum.

Ninija offers you Hybrid Post Insulators which are successfully field tested and delivered to clients for projects all over the Africa.

Hybrid principle
The porcelain core is manufactured using the Isostatic process giving better dimensional control of the inserts and much better consistency of the products compared to the conventional production process.

High pressure injection molding is required due to the HTV silicone rubbers high viscosity. The silicone housing is fully bonded to the porcelain solid core, perfectly managing the „triple point“ (fitting-rubber-core) interface. Thanks to the high pressure involved in this operation, the rubber housing adheres directly to the fitting without the need for artificial sealing.

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Hybrid Post Insulators

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