Porcelain Hollow Insulators

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  • fewer single sections per insulator column, therefore fewer metal parts
  • shorter column heights while maintaining IEC 60815 requirements and fulfilling all additional electrical requirements
  • improved flashover distance
  • better pollution performance via improved Form Factor acc. to IEC 60815
  • reduced weight, better material utilization, optimized logistics
  • Decreased metal usage (fewer points of exposure to corrosion)
  • less field concentrating positions
  • improved mechanical stability, rigidity and robustness

Call for price 09074748789


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Ninija offers quality and reliability Insulators We offers insulator which work with OEM’s in order to design tailored solutions for each and every customer. Porcelain Hollow Insulators

Continuous investment at Ninija enable us to offer insulators up to 1100kV for:

  • switchgears (DTB, LTB and GIS)
  • instrument transformers (CT and CVT)
  • power transformers
  • surge arresters
  • cable sealing ends
  • wall bushings

Insulators exceeding 2.700 mm are jointed by epoxy gluing. For instance, we regularly supply 1100kV bushings with height of 11.000 mm.

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Porcelain Hollow Insulators

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